AI Strategy Consulting

We help you clarify which problems can be solved with our custom expert-level AI-powered solutions. We turn complex data problems into your business innovation opportunities.

Why choose us?

Our AI Strategy Approach

We are good listeners! We focus on your business questions that need clear answers and we define specific KPIs and clear goals that indicate measurable success.

  • We persist on actions for attainable long-lasting results
  • We determine the sources of needed data 
  • We help you define people and processes to steer your organisation’s culture to data driven decisions
  • We define your data governance strategy to enable cross departmental collaboration and eliminate information silos.

Assess Your AI Readiness

We evaluate your organisation’s AI readiness and growth potential by assessing your current technology, processes and people. We help you act towards the directions that will deliver business value faster and increase return on solution investments.

Build And Deploy AI Solutions

We apply total data quality management and build powerful machine learning models. We integrate those models into your reporting platforms to enhance your insights with the tools you already use.

Cost-Based Thinking

Our custom expert-level solutions focus on your cost savings while driving your operations improvement.

Our Service

AI and Machine Learning Capabilities

Predictive Analytics

We develop AI applications that will help you predict customer behaviour, forecast sales, assess risks and make decisions that will grow your business.

Prescriptive Analytics

Our solutions will enhance your intuition by revealing new routes to the outcomes you desire. With our prescriptive analytics solutions, we eliminate risky “gut-feeling”.

Computer Vision

We develop advanced AI applications for image and video analysis. We provide combined capabilities of object detection and recognition, face analysis and image classification. Our state of the art fusion deep learning solutions take computer vision to the next level.

Natural Language Processing

We love to extract meaning from your natural text data. We skilfully use machine learning techniques along with NLP algorithms to solve really hard problems involving natural language understanding. We help you analyse text and make conclusions without human effort.

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