Exciting Multidisciplinary Innovations

AI Capabilities

Our team consists of AI experts, data scientists and business consultants that will guide you through all stages needed transform your company into an AI-enabled organisation. Our qualified and experienced consultants, designers and AI application developers are ready to lead you in the AI era.

Our AI Capabilities

We support companies of all industries in a broad range of AI and Data Science projects.


Predictive Analytics

We help you anticipate the future and form your business strategy with confidence. We develop AI applications that will help you predict customer behaviour, forecast sales, assess risks and make decisions towards the best possible direction to grow your business.


Prescriptive Analytics

We take predictive analytics to the next level. With our solutions for prescriptive analytics enhance your intuition with the idea of where things are heading based on various sets of data and we reveal different routes to the outcomes you desire. We not only prevent you from being overwhelmed by options, we show multiple paths to your destination and let you remove factors that lead to analysis paralysis. With our prescriptive analytics solutions, we eliminate risky “gut-feeling”.


Computer Vision

We develop advanced AI applications for image and video analysis. Our computer vision systems provide combined capabilities of object detection and recognition, face analysis, real-time movement recognition and image classification. Our state of the art fusion deep learning solutions take computer vision to the next level.


Natural Language Processing

We love to extract meaning from your natural text data. We skilfully use machine learning techniques along with traditional NLP algorithms to solve really hard problems involving natural language understanding. We help you analyse text and make conclusions without human effort.

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